Rick Allison

Rick Allison

I’ve been foisting modulated hot air products on the public for my entire working life.  and that’s quite a while, i’ve been a dj at an alphabet soup of stations including but not limited to wybc, wkci, wplr, whcn, kpig, wpix, sirius satellite radio and cygnusradio.com. i’ve also been an announcer for abc, nbc, cbs, espn, hbo and a bushel of commercial clients .  it beats a day job


                       N.H.Register april 4th, 1988

For 29 years i’ve also been the co-host of the longest running radio program showcasing  the wealth of local musical talent in Connecticut..  it’s been one of the most satisfying broadcasting experiences of my life.   at this point, i ‘d like to  thank the 50,000 watt rock & roll powerhouse ,which for nearly thirty years, has given bands a chance to be heard.    thank you WPLR.   they didn’t have to give us the time.

for most of the 29 years,  my broadcast partner was a local musical legend named james velvet.  since james’ passing, frank critelli, another stalwart on the scene,  has taken over the cohost slot.  (sunday at 10pm on PLR  & noonish mondays on cygnusradio.com) the show continues to be a joy to create every week. without frank there would be no show.

 by the way, the new loco archive show (airing noonish every sunday on cygnusradio.com) features two decades old episodes james and i did.  it’s a gas to spend time with my old radio partner.