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Bull In China

just cuz he’s cool !


the hickups

Hey, Big Trucker

12.10 the Tommys @the Sunday buzz at cafe nine

12.17 the hickups @ the Sunday buzz at cafe nine






the furors

Give Me A Minute

12.15 @ best video cd release w/ frank critelli


lines west

Reach Surrender

12.06 @ outer space, hamden w/ tuesday saints & dirt road radio






Only In The Fall

12.09 @ UNH, west haven


dr. martino

Weekend Shoes

12.10 @ Willimantic records w/ the courters, the dazies & so sorry


quiet giant


12.04 manic mondays at cafe. nine w/ coz and the rice cakes & weakened friends



laundry day

Candy Wrapper

12.09 @ cafe nine, new haven w/elison Jackson & grubby little hands



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