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3000 whitney ave, hamden

  3000 whitney ave, hamden

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so long summer...hello autumn

tasty treats as sweet as a macintosh , tangy too.

mark mulcahy...mercy choir...alternate routes...bimbo shrineheads...the lost riots...gravel pit...of...kung fu...

so, you know, fall by.


we step into october with a strong show:

mark mirando...anne marie menta...goodnight blue moon...kerri powers...orb mellon...rusty things...balkun brothers

you oughta listen. and don’t miss the paul reed smith event at the outer space ballroom october 17th. presented by brian’s guitars

next week:chip mccabe is our guest to talk about the glastonbury apple harvest festival.


chip mccabe has whipped up the perfect autumn bookend to the daffodil festival in glastonbury oct 17,18 &19.  the apple harvest festival features 40 local bands he’ll play a few and fill you in.

sarah lemieux...heather fay...bonsai trees...rusty things...ponybird...hanging hills.  and don’t miss the paul reed smith event at the outer space ballroom october 17th.


let’s have a look at the list. hmm.  y’’s another great show.

lys guillorn...frank critelli...seth adam...alternate routes...tom guerra...the nice ones...joybuzzer

and don’t miss the paul reed smith event at the outer space ballroom october 17th.


it’s the...halloween show...

graylight campfire...heather fay...the of thieves...100 faces...

no tricks...all treats....

coming next week vic steffens to fill us in on the elm city music fest.


this week it’s all about the 1st annual elm city music festival. a weekend (nov 7th-9th) of education, networking and live music. our guests vic steffens and michael caplan explan it all and bring us new stuff from frank viele...matt jaffe...professor b & the army of love and mark daniel . listen !