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3000 whitney ave, hamden

  3000 whitney ave, hamden

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we lost a gentle giant on friday april 17th.

great musician, great man, great friend

       James Velvet : Rest In Peace

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this sunday on wplr and monday on another baker’s half dozen of tasty treats from ‘round these parts. solin...rope...lost generation...violent mae...the foresters...seth adam...johnny mainstream

the perfect traveling music for your 4th of july weekend .

remember your ears are connected to accelerator foot.


let’s have a look at this week’s list of local talent

big fat combo...reducersglenn roth... steve mednick...eddie seville ...milksop:unsung...mercy choirtracy walton

i’ll tell you this a listen beats a look anyday.  hear ‘em all on thelocalbandsshow


this sunday (monday on you’ll hear: the ivory bills...johnny mainstream...jacque le coque...the proud flesh...the funky dawgz brass band...earthside...wall to wall musical wonderment...listen , you’ll see.   or watch, you’ll hear...or...ah, nurts.  brought to you by brian’s guitars.

                   jeez looize

vacations can really set you back.  i’m not even gonna try to recapture the details of all the shows that weren’t posted.  i hope you don’t mind.

perhaps you’d like to listen.




so, what’s up for this week’s show?

glad you asked.  we talk fuzefest and the pencilgrass reunion gigs.

so: pencilgrass...violent mae...glenn roth...frank critelli...eddie seville...belle of the fall...jeff przech.  y’oughta give us a listen.


new stuff from oberon rose ...mark mirando  and roger c reale...a new take on a familiar song from mercy from circadian rhythm...the bandidos...mystic bowie...all in all a lot o’ local goodness in a half hour wrapper.  brought to you by brian’s guitars