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one antique Christmas tune from the big bad johns,

one new Christmas tune from heather fay...the rest of the tunes are gig related, like john mayock & the homesteaders...the wildweeds...christine ohlman & rebel montez...seth adam.

semi-festive...totally cool


the christmas is over and new years on the way edition of thelocalbandsshow featuring : the reducers...solin..charlie karp...the funky dawgz...balkun brothers.

thanks to brian’s guitars for another year of support !


it’s a new year and and we’ll play you few of our favorites from 2014 and the new and old from walt silva.

the vagabonds...tempus fugit...frank critelli...rusty things...reducers...big fat combo...lines west...alternate routes

this is looking like a part one of our favorites...who knows how many shows it’ll take.


more of our 2014  favorites, totally non-scientific and subjective.  we hope you like ‘em , too.

mercy choir...julie beman...the vultures...ponybird...gravel pit...wess meets west...goodnight blue of thieves

listen won’t you !?!


a special trip in the wayback machine to the mid 70s in connecticut music history.

scratch band...jasper wrath...the simms brothers and the helium brothers.

who by the way have a reunion scheduled at toads.

flashback with thelocalbandsshow.


this week a lot of musical territory to cover: the botswannas...last supper...dead by wednesday...greg sherrod....solistic...the palindromes...anne castellano...daphne lee martin...most all of ‘em  have a gig the following week.  hear ‘em then see ‘em !


it’s the one episode folks are apt to miss because of superbowl parties and whatnot .  listen archived at or at noon monday on  we’ve got the proud flesh...laundry day...the alex butter field...the reducers...lines west...violent mae and the gravel pit.